MK Life Tips: Top Ways to Spring Refresh

Around this time every year, I get excited to sniff that spring air, enjoy some extra sunshine and take the opportunity to not only refresh my house by cleaning and de-cluttering, but also by finding ways to incorporate a refresh in my life overall. See below some of my favorite ways to bring in the new season in the freshest way. 

Photo by  Paul  on  Unsplash

Photo by Paul on Unsplash

1. So Fresh and So Clean

It goes without saying that when you think of spring, somewhere not far behind is the cleaning. This time of year you are likely not hosting as many events, as the Holidays are since far behind us. With that, some areas in your home may need some extra attention. Now don't go scare and overwhelm yourself with a unrealistic idea to get your place in shape. We're all busy and have more important things to do than wipe down blinds, but unfortunately it still has to get done. As I do with everything I need to accomplish in life, I start by creating a list. Scan over the common areas and determine all that needs cleaning and then allocate two tasks per day until the list is complete. It not only gives you gratification by crossing off each item once done each day, but allows you to take it in stride. Check out these brilliant ideas from Real Simple to get you started. 

Photo by  Penchant Styled  on  Unsplash

2. Get Back On Track

Up until now, even living in San Diego where the weather is generally warmer than most places, the thought of getting my summer bod back hasn't crossed my mind. Between the hot cross buns at Easter and the extra beers drank at St. Patrick's Day, I need a little health refresh. One thing that is super easy for the busiest of kinds, is making a morning smoothie. It is quick, cheap and ensures you get your daily dose of nutrients every day. My favorite recipe listed below has a lot of frozen ingredients in it so it makes it easy to always have them on hand, especially after traveling and not getting the chance to hit the grocery store. Just mix them all up in a blender and voilà, you have a nutrient rich, delicious breakfast in minutes. I recommend this Vitamix for blending, which I use at minimum once every day. Legit the best investment ever. 



Morgan's Smoothie Recipe

1 banana (frozen or fresh)

1/3 C frozen blueberries

1/2 C frozen cauliflower 

1/2 C frozen kale or spinach

1/2 TBS peanut butter (smooth, unsweetened)

1 TBS each: chia seeds, hemp seed, flax seed

1 C coconut milk or water (add more for a thinner consistency)

3. Control Your Mind or It Will Control You

I could not believe in these words more. Especially after living in the Midwest for majority of my life, the winter blues are certainly a real thing. Come spring (or always), I think it is very important to surround yourself with positivity that will make you live the life you want. For me, that includes having a phenomenal support group of friends and family, along with a daily overload on podcasts and audible books that help guide me through it all. Some of my absolute favorites are noted below. If you're feeling down or just plain blah, I can guarantee that these are the things I go to in order to instantly lift me back up. It may be hard to believe sometimes, but life is meant to be enjoyed. 


Audio-books from Audible:

Photo by  Whitney Wright  on  Unsplash

4. One New Thing

This is the time of year to try something you've had sitting on a dusty to do list for awhile. It doesn't need to be a huge deal, but in order to keep growing, it is important that we don't stay the same (duh, but it's true). That could be joining a new activity like softball league, pottery class or something that requires less commitment, for example if you're a local, visiting the Carlsbad Flower Fields for an afternoon, or you could try baking a new recipe or trying the hottest restaurant in town. Go explore and try something you new. Even if you don't like it in the end, at least now you know :)