Morgan King

REALTOR®  |  San Diego, California



Let’s do things different.

I’ve always known that I was destined to own my own business, and that it would have to be something that would help others in one way or another. From my first unsuccessful venture of a lemonade stand at the age of 7, to creating a day camp for kids when I was 11, I still hadn’t figured out exactly how I would accomplish these dreams. After ten years of working in marketing for billion dollar beauty brands, the light bulb finally turned on that the avenue in which I would pursue these dreams would be through residential real estate. Growing up in the Midwest, the value of hard work and building relationships was instilled in me at a very young age, and it is through these values that I run my business today. I feel blessed beyond words that I get to work with people on such an important purchase in their lives, and I do so with excellence through and through. I also might add that I am the youngest sibling to four older sisters, so I am definitely not afraid of a challenge, and I see them as opportunities to grow and learn😉. 

In addition to real estate, I am also: 

  • A Main Dame running the San Diego chapter of Dames Collective, the ultimate networking group for this generation's female leaders, entrepreneurs & innovators.

  • An active Board Member and Volunteer for Alexander Hamilton Scholars, which focuses on closing the opportunity gap between high-achieving, low-income students.

  • The Secretary of the Board for Camp Brigadoon, a seasonal campground located in Cumberland, WI.

  • A member of the Pacific Beach Women's Club, a historical non-profit that works to make a difference in the local community.

When I am not busy hustling in real estate, I love to cook, bake, entertain friends and family, hike, watch the Packers win #gopackgo, and of course, enjoy the gorgeous San Diego sunsets.