Real Estate Tips: What Makes a Realtor Great

When it comes to choosing a realtor to work with, there are certainly no lack of options. In California alone, you’re looking at 203,700 (according to the DRE, Department of Real Estate March 2019) different options - and that is only the active ones! With so many options to explore, where do you even start? Well, for me, I’ve noticed the one big advantage that all the top agents in La Jolla have and that is being a hyper-local expert. What the heck is that? See below a bit more detail as to what this means, and how it can benefit you.


1. They Know About Off Market Listings

This is a big advantage considering all of the information that is at the clients fingertips these days. You can get a lot of what you need just by looking online - but this, this is one thing you can’t get. At meetings, meetups, and chats, we talk with each other about upcoming listings before they hit the market. The advantage to you as a buyer or seller?

  • As a Buyer: You learn about it before anyone else, reducing competition, allowing you to potentially get a better price since less negotiation is involved.

  • As a Seller: You get the word out prior to going live, generating excitement within the community as everyone likes something exclusive. Also, how great would it be to get an offer before you even list?

2. They Preview All Homes for Sale

Each week, I preview roughly 20 plus listings that are currently for sale on the market. This is extremely beneficial to me for a couple of reasons.

  • I’ve seen the house live - you may see photos of a home, but don’t really know all the details. Is the kitchen off of the entry way? What are the neighbors like? Is the lot on a slope? Having knowledge beyond just the description and photos allows me to speak to them in detail when you have interest.

  • When pricing your home - Having walked through so many homes allows me to compare it to another home and price it accurately. Homes are not apples to apples, so seeing them in person you begin to see patterns on why homes are priced the way they are. Since price is such a huge factor when determining the success of the sale, this is very important.

3. They Have Strong Agent to Agent Relationships

I really enjoy all the agents I work with in La Jolla. They each offer something unique, and we are very supportive of each other, never coming from a place of greed. Because of this, we pitch to each other buyer needs, recommendations for trade services referrals, pretty much anything goes. Having access to 200 other local geniuses makes us all the more valuable.

4. They Are True Insiders

All in all, being a hyper-local agent is one of the biggest advantages to being a successful. Having the knowledge and expertise differentiates them, and allows you as a buyer or seller to get results faster. I highly recommend you asking your agent are they hyper-local and what makes them this way? Beyond just experience, I think this is the number one thing you want to look for in an agent.