The Buyer's Guide: Buying? Find Your Dream Home, Even if it Doesn't Exist...Yet :)

After hearing frequently from clients that they weren’t finding any homes that they liked within their budget, I decided to partner up with my talented friend Briana Ellis, founder of Ritual Architecture to come up with a solution. The renovation process can seem scary, but only because you don’t know what to do, and that is where we step in. We’ve created a step by step process that makes the solution to your problem easy. See below for more information as to what this looks like, and if you fit the profile of our ideal customer.


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Our Ideal Customer

  • In the market for a new home

  • Has very specific desires and needs, even if they are not yet clearly identified yet

  • Sophisticated enough to think outside the box/considers themselves somewhat of an "early adopter" or problem solver

Your Pain Points

  • You haven't yet seen their dream home on the market

  • You have specific tastes and needs, but don't know how they fit into the home search. I.E. what is a house deal breaker vs. something they want, but can live without? Or I think I wan't X, but is it really just because it is all that has been presented to me?

  • Your style and function needs aren't manifesting in one particular house that is currently on the market

  • You’re not a DIY-er and don’t have the time to figure it out on your own

Our Solution

You don't see your dream house on the market? We do!

The Process

  • Step 1: We'll help you identify your functional needs, your unique aesthetic style, and dream house wish list so that together we can spot the diamond in the rough that just needs a little polishing.

  • Step 2: We take homes that are currently on the market that other buyers may be passing on, and show you how feasible it is to transform it into your dream home that checks all the boxes.

  • Step 3: We then map out a plan for making the renovations happen as fast as possible so we can pull out those hammers the day you close escrow.

Is this what you’re looking for? If yes, book a free consultation where we will walk through the below.

Next Steps

  • Discovery

    • Have an introductory meeting to through and answer any questions, get them comfortable, but most of the info below will be acquired virtually through surveys and quizzes

      • Budget (property acquisition + renovation budget): once you share with us your all in number, we’ll discuss how a potential property’s asking price affects remodel potential.

      • Functional needs: specific neighborhood, number of beds and baths, garage size

      • Dream list: fireplace, outdoor living, pool, kitchen features, master suite features, multi-slide doors/indoor-outdoor

      • Aesthetic style, both exterior and interior

      • Preliminary property search

  • Feasibility

    • Select 1-3 properties and compare them to the wish list. Complete rough/ preliminary sketches to show how each could be transformed into their dream home. This would include estimates around construction costs, architectural fees, and permit fees.

    • Review proposals and select an option to move forward with.

  • Offer and Escrow Periods

    • Place an offer on the selected property.

    • If accepted, move forward with architectural design work. Aim to have plans ready as close to close of escrow as possible, given the extent of work to be done.

As there is luckily no lack of inventory waiting and ready to be fixed up in the La Jolla market, together, Briana and I will find that diamond in the rough, and work with you to create your ultimate dream home. We’re excited to partner with you on this adventure.