The Seller's Guide: FSBO Marketing Tips

First, if you’re not familiar with FSBO, I want to clarify what this acronym even means. It stands for ‘For Sale By Owner’ which means that this type of person is hoping to sell their home on their own in order to save paying commissions to a real estate agent. To me, when I think about how much time and effort go into successfully selling someone’s home, it baffles me how someone can even pull this off on their own! That being said, I am also a DIY-er and like to have control of things, so I sorta get where they’re coming from.

Well, if this is you and you’re hoping to sell your house on your own, I still want to be able to help you out. Service is my nature and it’s why I became a real estate agent in the first place. To get you stared, watch below for my top 5 marketing tips for selling your home solo.

If you watch this and immediately get overwhelmed, well, then give me a call :)