MK Life Tips: The Perfect Guest Room

I feel very lucky to live in the beautiful city of San Diego where the weather is generally nice all year round. Since the majority of my friends and family still reside in the Midwest where the weather is not so generous, I get quite a few guests throughout the year. Once I went through a streak of guests over the weekend for 5 weeks! For this reason, I place a significant importance to create a space of comfort for anyone who visits. To me, there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or out of place when staying at someone else's home. To avoid this for your guests, see below my top tips and tricks to create the best guest room space for out of town visitors. 

1. The Bed

Having a comfortable bed can be a total game changer. For myself, I've invested in a Leesa mattress which is so amazing and has truly changed my sleep patterns. Almost every night, as my boyfriend and I nuzzle up for bed, we ohh and ahh and comment on how 'Leesa' is just so comfortable. Creating this same sense of delight in your guest room isn't required, but you can certainly get close, even while staying on a budget. I purchased this mattress off amazon, and cannot tell you the amount of compliments I've heard from guests. To tie it all together, invest in some cozy sheets, as it really does make a difference. Also, they will a very long time since you won't be washing every week like your personal set. 

Photo by  Logan Nolin  on  Unsplash

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

2. The Details

It’s all in the little elements that can truly make a stay in your guest room above and beyond. See my list below of what makes the stay for your guests special, and avoids them having to feel like a pest asking for things they may have forgotten to pack.

  • Extra phone chargers

  • Night lamp next to the bed

  • Fresh flowers

  • Candle

  • Skincare samples (I save from when I buy something from Sephora)

  • Extra toothbrush

  • Fresh towels

  • Wifi password

  • Extra blankets on the bed

  • Books or magazines to read

Photo by  Sylvie Tittel  on  Unsplash

3. The Extras

Finally, a few ideas that are not necessary, but can certainly go a long way. When I have guests, I don’t assume we’ll be spending every single moment together, since after all they’re on vacation and may have things they want to enjoy on their own. To ensure they have the ability to do this, I recommend having an extra set of keys so they can come and go as they please. Also, perhaps pull together a list of your favorite restaurants or activities that they must check-out. Beyond yelp, it is great to get a locals perspective on what to do and see.