MK Life Tips: Your Guide to All Paint Finishes

A cosmetic upgrade to a room, specifically a change in paint, can truly make a big impact with little effort. If you find yourself in the paint isle, you’ll recognize that there are so many different brands, colors, and finishes to choose from, where the heck do you even begin? Well, the finishes are designed to go in specific places to accommodate the wear and tear that room may experience. For the full low down on what paint finish will work best for the room you’re ready to upgrade, see all the details below.

1. Flat

Flat paint offers the richest color and the highest pigment. Being that it has a matte type finish, it is non-reflective, which soaks up light versus reflecting it, so minimizes any blemishes on your wall. The one downfall is it isn’t as easy to clean, so should be put on walls of a low traffic area, where the walls aren’t so smooth, but the area still gets lots of light, such as an office or a formal living area.

2. Eggshell

This popular finish is not shiny but not totally matte, and is much easier to clean than flat. This type of finish is almost creamy, as when the light hits it, there is almost a glimmer. This is great for every day spaces that gets lots of traffic like a hallway, bedroom or living room. Similar to flat, it hides imperfections, while being easier to clean.

3. Satin

When it comes to being durable - this finish is your pal. It is much more light reflecting than eggshell, however, doesn’t appear as shiny as a semigloss. It is easy to clean and covers up blemishes pretty well. It works good in spaces where natural light isn’t as present, and is also a good option for areas that can be humid, like a basement or bathroom.

4. Semi Gloss

Great for accent walls, a semi gloss finish is more radiant that a satin, and is very durable. The only downfall is since it reflects the light more due to its sheen, you can see blemishes and imperfections much easier. It’s great for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, and is great when used as an accent, like on trim - making them stand out!

5. High Gloss

This is the most durable option of them all, although it does show imperfections, similar to semi gloss. It can be a bit trickier to apply since you can see the paint lines more so than the other options. Great for accents that you want to pop!