The Seller's Guide: The Top 5 Mistakes That Are Losing You Money

Oh, the process of selling a home is one that is complex and can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what to do to get the job done. There are so many things coming at you at once, where do you even start? Well, if your goal is to sell your home in the shortest period of time for the highest dollar amount, then you should keep reading to find out what to avoid to ensure you have a successful sale.


1. Picking the wrong Realtor

There are so many options to choose from, it can be very overwhelming when it comes time to find that person you behold with the task of selling your home. In order to ensure you pick the right one, check out my video for all the things to look for. However, beyond just experience, a big area of focus they should own is marketing, as this is the number one thing that will or will not sell your house. If you have a great home, but the photos, description, position or promotion is bad, you will have a tough time making the sale. Look at the agent - how do they market themselves? How they market themselves will be a great indicator for how you can expect them to market your home.

2. Not listening to the expert

You may know your home better than anyone else, I’ll give you that, but you do not know the best way to sell your home, unless you’re spending hours and hours doing so each day. You don’t try and cut your own hair (well, most of you don’t), so why would you forgo listening to an expert when it comes to selling such an important asset? Listen to your Realtor, as we can advise the best approach to take, since this is what we do for a living after all.

3. Not listing with a bang!

The first 30 days of a listing is the most crucial time. Agents and buyers have been conditioned to be weary of homes that sit on the market, especially in San Diego/La Jolla, as it states that something just isn’t right.


4. The price is right … er not

The importance of pricing your home right is one of the most crucial elements to ensure a successful sale. As the home owner, you create the price, but the buyer is the one who ultimately determines the price, based on if they purchase or not, and the agent is the liaison between the two. I’m telling you, PLEASE, PLEASE do not overprice your home. It will not result in a success 99% of the time. I can share with you about 100+ stories of this strategy not working in the end. If you instead create the listing price at market or below, the benefits can be huge as you’ll ultimately reach the largest number of buyers looking for that type of home (re: 2bed/2bath), creating a potential multi-offer scenario, which can lead to offers over asking price. You don’t need to accept any price that you’re not comfortable with, so why start high?


5. Avoid staging the home

Especially in area where high end homes are sold, staging is an absolute must. It has two primary benefits:

  1. Allows buyers to see themselves living in the space and creates a purpose for each room of the house. For example: oh, a king size bed would work here, or the office is the perfect size. By doing this, you not only target the right buyers, but sell faster for top dollar.

  2. You can move your stuff out prior to moving, so you’re all packed up when its time to make the move. If you follow the steps to create a successful sale, this period of not living with your own furniture won’t last long.