Real Estate Tips: Why You Should Hire an Expert for Home Renovations

To DIY (do it yourself) or not to DIY? Thanks to the rise of HGTV renovation shows, homeowners have more confidence than ever when it comes to tackling DIY projects around the house. Unfortunately, the projects are not as easy as they look, and according to a new survey from ImproveNet of about 2,000 Americans, nearly two-thirds of homeowners who’ve attempted do-it-yourself house projects say they regret not calling in an expert. So if you’re thinking of a DIY yourself, see below some additional facts found from the study, along with the top 10 most regretted projects, which may have you considering otherwise.

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

  • On average, homeowners said they hoped to save at least 60 percent in costs by bypassing a professional and trying to do it themselves

  • A separate study by the National Association of REALTORS® shows a bigger attraction to DIY home projects, particularly among younger generations. 

  • On average, homeowners reported attempting eight house projects themselves, but about a third admit to having later to hire a professional to redo the job.

  • Fifty-five percent of DIYers say their projects took longer to complete than they expected, and more than half said their project was physically more difficult than they anticipated as well.

  • Fifty-five percent of respondents also said their finished project didn’t look as good as they had hoped. 

  • About 8 percent of respondents said their homes were damaged because of their DIY attempts

The top 10 most regretted DIY home improvement projects, according to ImproveNet, are:

  1. Installing floor tiles

  2. Replacing a ceiling

  3. Refinishing hardwood floors

  4. Installing carpets

  5. Finishing the basement

  6. Installing hardwood floors

  7. Refinishing cabinetry

  8. Installing sprinklers

  9. Installing showers and baths

  10. Painting home interiors

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Source: The Top 10 Most Regretted DIY Home Improvement Projects, Realtor Magazine (Jan 9, 2019)