The Seller's Guide: Your Open House Checklist

When you list your home on the market for sale, you will likely need to allow your agent to host open houses as frequently as possible. This generates a lot of buzz around your property through the advertising and promotion of the open house, and allows neighbors, locals, and agents to physically see your home, which can be significantly different (good or bad) from how it shows in photos.

Also, for marketing purposes, hosting open houses is an absolute must, but as you can imagine, it does come with a cost which can often times be your overall sanity. While you must leave your home for a certain period of time on the weekends for showings, you'll also need to prepare your house so it looks its absolute best. As your agent has likely already advised on areas to clean, reduce clutter, and possibly paint to get your home ready to list on the market, you'll just need to do some tiding up a few days or so before the open house. To make things easy on you, I've compiled a open house checklist below that you can print and checkoff your progress with. Hope this is useful and for all you owner's out there - best of luck on selling your home, completing this will get you one step further to your goal!