The Seller's Guide: How to Increase Your Home Value

In today's competitive San Diego market, when you price your home right, the average time it stays on the market is roughly 11 days for the La Jolla and Pacific Beach neighborhoods. Also, in the latest CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (Yes, their name is noted in all caps, LOL) April 2018 report, sales to list price has not changed since April 2017, which means that the number a home is listed at is what it is generally selling at. All of this being said, it is important you prepare your home to list at the highest possible market price, while also staying competitive. Here are a few simple ways to increase the value of your home, without putting forth significant resources and cost to do so. 

1. Kitchen upgrades

One of the most valued rooms to a prospective buyer is the kitchen. This is the central area where we often find ourselves gathering and whether you consider yourself a modern day Martha Stewart or not, having a nice kitchen can go a long way. The updates that will have the most significant impact are the cupboards. Having them repainted or DIY-ing the job yourself can increase the overall look and feel and don't forget about upgrading the kitchen knobs and pulls. As white has taken over the past decade of kitchen design and is still very desirable, we're now seeing a trend of new colors come through like navy, grey and sage green. 

2. Lighting matters

In various ways, lighting can make a big impact in your home. Whether it's lamps, ceiling fans, masterful centerpieces (like the photo above ❤️) or even your outlet covers, each option gives you an opportunity to create a new feel with not only the brightness of the light, but the element in which it is showcased. This can be very inexpensive and I recommend you look into updating the pieces that will stay with the home once it sell as it adds value to the home buyer, like a dining room chandelier. Check out this list of affordable lighting options from Apartment Therapy to get you started. 


3. Replace your garage doors

I couldn't think of a clever title for number three, so just went very literal in stating that replacing the garage door is the one change that can have the most significant impact on your homes value. The first thing to consider if you have an old, damaged or outdated door is how the lack of curb appeal overall can set a tone with a potential buyer as they walk up to your home (if they even get that far), which can stay with them throughout the property tour. So even if your killer master bath catches their eye, they may still be dwelling on your curb appeal or lack their of. This significant of an update does come at a cost however. According to Fixr, you should anticipate the cost to be somewhere between $500 to $800 per door and about nine hours of your time, unless you dish out the dough to hire a professional. Added bonus: this upgrade can also positively impact your energy bill by blocking out the heat when the air is on (or vice versa if you live in the Midwest 😜) and can also provide added security. 

4. Refresh your walls

As I am someone who generally pulls away from any type of color (my closet consists of grey, black, white and boring😉) I find it esthetically pleasing when a home is painted neutral, as will your buyer. See this article from How Stuff Works that maps out the psychology of color and its effects. Having to deep of hues can stimulate emotions that could result in a subconscious unpleasant experience. Your best bet? Choose from the color options shown in the graphic above as they are soothing and basic without being boring. However, if you are someone who enjoys a pop of color, consider integrating into your decor or look into other options to cover the space, like wallpaper. This can give spectacular dimension to a standard room and modern options have come a long way. You can now purchase semi-permanent designs that can easily peel off making the decision less daunting, and removable if your buyer doesn't like it.