MK Life Tips: My Holiday Season Traditions

I thought I would get a bit more personal and share with you some of my favorite Holiday traditions that I’ve created for myself or have been passed down by my family over the years. I absolutely love this time of year, and I embrace all that the season has to offer. See below my favorite traditions that for me, bring to life the Holiday spirit, year after year.

1. Cookie Exchange

My sister is the person to acknowledge for starting this one. About seven years ago, she pulled together an evening of friends, cocktails, snacks, conversations, laughter … oh and of course exchanging of cookies. Its actually pretty brilliant and the result leaves you with upwards of ten varieties of cookies to bring to your Holiday suraez’s the rest of the season. Each guest brings with them 36 cookies (along with a snack to share and a preferred drink), and at some point in the evening, each guest walks around and takes 3 to 4 of each cookie varietal. I LOVE this idea, and preparing for the evening by making my favorite Christmas cookie adds to the celebration of the season!

2. It’s a Wonderful Life

My Dad started this one as I believe his Dad created the tradition with him. Back before Netflix and Hulu, we would have to wait for the movie to come on TV, at 7PM on NBC Christmas Eve night. Although the time in which I watch and with whom, it is still one of my all time favorite traditions. This movie creates a reset for me every year, and instills in me such gratitude for the wonderful life I have. Each time I hear, “To my brother George, the richest man in town”, I ball my eyes out, and then remind myself of how blessed I am.

3. Candles on candles

This tradition has been brought on by myself, ever since I’ve had my own place to call home. Since I’m obsessed with making my home look the part, I also want it to smell the part too! for this, I enlist in candles every year to bring home the feeling of each season, but especially around the Holidays. My favorites are Thymes Frasier Fir Pine Needle, Mistletoe from the local candle making company Craft + Foster, or any of these Good Natured Soy Candle’s (Balsam, Fireside, Winter White). The cozy light from the wick, along with the scents that are reminiscent of each Holiday past, it is a tradition I treasure.


4. My sister’s spiked egg nog

Now, if you’re not a fan of egg nog - hear me out! You’ve likely purchased the store bought version which is thick, heavy, sugary and gives you a stomach ache after the third sip. I’m talking about this delicious whipped version that is light, airy, delicious and gives you a slight buzz :) I’ve tried to make it myself (recipe here), but for some reason it just doesn’t taste the same unless my sister makes it. I highly recommend giving it a stab though. It is something I look forward to each year.